About Dr. Paul Firth

I am a doctor

  • I have a full time practice in Elk City, OK.
  • I am board certified in Pediatriacs. I got this training at The University of Oklahoma.
  • I work with two Nurse Practitioners.
  • I recently opened a satellite clinic 25 miles away.

I am a nerd

  • I started medical school when I was 19 years old.
  • Nobody should start medical school when they are 19 years old.
  • I am 41 years old. 41 is a prime number. I think that is cool.
  • My wife knows that I am a nerd. My kids are starting to find out.
  • I made my own EMR software by reading a book about programming.
  • I had to check it out from a library because I was too poor to buy one at the time.
  • I wrote my first software on legal pads during medical school.
  • Nobody should write software on legal pads during medical school.

I am more than a nerd doctor

  • I am married with 3 children, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. My vet says the cat is retarded.
  • My experience at the University Hospital clinic convinced me to be my own boss.
  • I love being my own boss but sometimes I am a terrible employee.
  • I know all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • I enjoy teaching.
  • I love seeing patients. I hate wasting my time or theirs.
  • I think the Sound of Music is one of the greatest movies ever made.
  • I write a "weekly" newsletter every 6 weeks or so. Unless I don't get around to it.
  • My favorite restaurant is Barclay Prime in Philadelphia.
  • I'm a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido. I did this during medical school.
  • Nobody should become a black belt in Aikido during medical school.